The Medium is the Message

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Two enterprising GOP staffers have come up with a conservative “alternative to YouTube,” since, you know, it’s YouTube’s fault George Allen is a boob. They tell the WT’s Eric Pfeiffer, “We saw a need for a social-networking site for the center-right…They want something that isn’t controlled by our good friends at Google.” And here I thought you had to be in power to be paranoid. While I think this makes about as much sense as setting up a conservative “alternative to the internet” because DailyKos exists, I doubt if we’ve seen the last of this kind of fake technological solution to ideological issues. Next on the agenda: Conservative alternative to “the atmosphere” for those who believe global warming is a hoax!

UPDATE: MICHELLE MALKIN, BANNED BY YOUTUBE! Derivative, tired, but slightly more compelling than exploding Diet Coke cans.

UPDATE: If by “banned,” you mean, “available.”