Because You Asked

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Because you asked:

1) A post about how DC’s social environment influences coverage and attitudes would be very long indeed. It might even be a book (or, I know, a novel!). For now, I’ll just say that I was being a bit snarky in the post below and that, as far as I know, neither Chris nor I are socially punished for what we write. Rather, there are many other reasons people don’t like us.*

2) My title is meaningless, as many titles are.

3) Tom Frank is actually an old (pre-DC!) friend of both Chris and myself and while we haven’t instituted any official midwestern ex-pat cocktail hours, he regularly makes us dinners that involve enormous amounts of meat. And enormous amounts of cocktails. (The happy hour is a great idea, tho…)

*Actually, people like Chris.

Sorry to indulge in such personal trivia and I’ll try to keep on topic for the rest of the day.