Tony Snow: Cancer Returns

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This is just horrible: Reuters is reporting that the growth in Tony Snow’s abdomen — which he went under the knife to have removed yesterday — is cancerous.

There are no details yet.

Let me say that I did some self-cringing last week, when I choose to describe Tony as the “most fun” press secretary of the administration. I was looking for something non-controversial, non-partisan and true to say about the guy. “Fun” seemed like something he’d appreciate — he is fun. The biggest change in the press operations of the WH since he’s gotten there is that the briefings are no longer thuddingly boring. So, really, “most fun” was kind of a low bar.

He’s also a class act. He clearly respects the press, and his tangles with them are leavened with a humor and self-awareness that make him hard to dislike, even when you violently disagree.

I — and I’m sure my fellow bloggers here — wish him well.

UPDATE: Full story here.