Third Party Libby Update

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A colleague observing the Libby trial writes:

Is it just me, or does this excerpt make it sound as though Bob Woodward conducts his interviews while plainly drunk?

Woodward is heard asking about Wilson and how he happened to make the trip. Armitage tells him: “his wife works at the agency” and says that she specializes in weapons of mass destruction.

Woodward asks whether Wilson’s wife was “the chief WMD,” and Armitage tells him that she is not. Woodward then asked whether her position was “high enough that she can say, ‘Oh, hubby will go?’ ”

“Yeah, he knows Africa,” Armitage responded.

Valerie Plame was “the chief WMD”?–is that supposed to be some sort of sexual euphemism?

And it sounds as though Woodward, not Plame, is the only person “high enough” to say ” ‘Oh, hubby will go’?”

I’m still trapped in the bureau, trying to get Republicans to say something half as interesting — or incriminating — as “his wife works at the agency,” but I hope to return to the trial on Wednesday. Just in time for Cheney, perhaps!