On the Bus with Romney: Bain, Empathy and Obama

One of Mitt Romney’s challenges in running for President, both in 2008 and this cycle, is that he’s not exactly the most relatable guy. He’s fabulously wealthy, belongs to a religion that less than 2% of Americans share and is essentially selling himself as a technocratic captain of industry, not a share-your-beer-and-your-pain regular …

Rick Perry Gives Good Ads

Perhaps the only thing that beats a politician in chaps is that same politician walking through a sausage factory, all the while looking good and not at all phony. Meet Texas Gov. Rick Perry, whose long political career, is filled with high quality and effective television spots.

Sometimes he is the Marlboro Man. Sometimes he is right …

Q&A: Rick Perry Is Ready to Run

Rick Perry is primed to announce his bid for the Republican presidential nomination on Saturday in South Carolina. TIME’s Mark Halperin caught up with the Texas governor in Austin and asked him about his feelings on a White House run, his conservative credentials and his rumored rocky relationship with the Bushes. Lightly edited

Joe's Road Trip 2011 Joe's Road Trip 2011

Road Trip 2011!

As I was saying…Washington is just too ugly for words. The rest of the world isn’t much of a bargain, either. I’m feeling the need to get outta here, hit the road, talk to actual people. And so–you knew it was …

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