Republican Party

Obama Asks for “Up or Down Vote”

Today’s speech by President Obama was not the first in which he’s urged passage of comprehensive health care reform, but he’s hoping it will be his last. We’ll see.

Flanked by health care workers and wearing a bipartisan purple tie – a rarity for him – President Obama delivered remarks that carried a theme of finality. …

A Small Victory For the DSCC

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee has not gotten a lot of good press recently. The stinging loss of Ted Kennedy’s seat to Scott Brown, the failure to recruit promising prospects such as Beau Biden and the spate of high-profile retirements from the upper chamber have all taken a toll on the group’s image. The legacy of Chuck …

Could the Public Option Get a Third Lease on Life?

I’m not a fan of making health reform-related predictions – especially after the Scott Brown election – so I won’t say No. But I am comfortable saying that it’s EXTREMELY, EXTREMELY unlikely.

But hey, you can’t blame public option devotees for trying. Sixteen Democratic senators and 119 House Democrats have now signed freshman …

In the Arena In the Arena

More Historicity

After last night’s venture into Walter Russell Mead’s four American foreign policy traditions (Jefferson, Jackson, Wilson and Hamilton), we have Chuck Lane plumbing another foursome today: the four American political traditions that the brilliant historian David Hackett Fischer–I mean, you really have to read this guy; it’s both deeply …

Grassley: The One Who Got Away

If there had ever been any hope for real GOP support for President Obama’s health care plan, it came in the form of Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley, who has been negotiating behind the scenes for months with his good friend Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus. But was getting Grassley on board ever a realistic proposition? And what does …

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