Races to Watch

Yes, there are other races going on outside of the presidential campaign. Here’s a rolling package that will update daily of the top congressional races (I did the Warner/Gilmore race which is not exactly a nail biter but is the Dems most likely pick up in the Senate). And for the trifecta: will Schumer get his 60 seats?

The Latest on the Bailout

Anyone have that sense of deja vu? We’re into the final debate and we’ve been here before (Monday). But coming from the last votes in the Speaker’s Lobby, there seems to be a decent number of folks who have switched over. John Shadegg, Jim Ramstad and Zach Wamp said yesterday they’re for it. I spoke with Sue Myrick and Michael Conaway …

Inside Today’s House GOP Vote on the Bailout

Here’s the latest from a looong weekend of talks. The bill is expected to pass the House today and could pass the Senate as well, though they’re racing against the Jewish Holidays, which start at sundown. If they don’t make it, final passage will likely come Wednesday.

The House vote will be a bit of a nail bite. Though, with the …

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