2012 Election

The Rich History of Mitt Romney

The former Massachusetts governor and runner-up for the 2008 Republican presidential ticket is poised to seize his party’s 2012 nomination for the White House. TIME looks at his vibrant family life, business career and political trials.

War on the Home Front

From TIME’s Pentagon Correspondent, Mark Thompson, who also happens to hail from the Nutmeg State:

Richard Blumenthal, the Connecticut Democrat seeking to succeed Christopher Dodd in the U.S. Senate, did a lot more fighting over Vietnam Tuesday than he ever did inside the country. That’s because, despite his claims to the contrary, he

In Search of Britain’s Swing Vote

While trapped in the United Kingdom by volcanic ash, I decided to visit one of the dozen crucial swing constituencies to find out what British voters are thinking ahead of next week’s general election. Over the past decade, I’ve canvassed thousands of voters in just about every swing state: I once spent two days in Pennsylvania exurban …

5 Reasons Republicans Should Let Go of Health Care

Reporters leaving Capitol Hill in the wee hours of Monday morning were, for the most part, heaving sighs of relief: health care reform had – finally! — passed, a vote for the history books. However imperfect, the deed was done, the fat lady had sung. A day later and Republicans seem not to have gotten the memo: they are attacking the …

Aloha Neil Abercrombie

There’s a legend in Hawaii about a surfer named Eddie Aikau. In the 70’s Eddie was the top lifeguard in Waimea Bay on Oahu, winning dozens of surf competitions. He was always the guy willing to risk his life, no matter how rough the water, to make a save. Eddie volunteered for the 1978 Polynesian Voyaging Society’s 30-day, …

The Millennial Voting Bloc: Waiting to be Wooed?

The group of Americans between the ages of 18 and 29 could rival Yahweh for most names. Various cross sections are called the iGeneration, Generation Y, the (Inter)Net Generation, Echo Boomers, Generation Next — or, as at the Pew Research Center’s youth culture panels on Wednesday, the Millennials.

Social gurus had convened to …


The annual Conservative Political Action Conference launched today in Washington DC. I’ll be heading up to the Marriot Wardman in Woodley Park shortly to check out some of the afternoon festivities. But I caught Marco Rubio – probably the most anticipated speaker of the three-day event — on C-SPAN this morning.

The former speaker …

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