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Press Outlets Worry DoD May Restrict Access to KSM’s Gitmo Trial

The pending prosecution of Khalid Shaikh Mohammed means that the United States may convict and execute the alleged architect of the 9-11 attacks. But it is unclear how much the public will know about the evidence against him – or what they will be able to read, hear, or watch about the whole proceedings for that matter – because the …

Gitmo Trial May Mean Obama Will Sign Off on KSM’s Death

Attorney General Eric Holder’s announcement Monday that Khalid Shaikh Mohammed and four other alleged 9/11 plotters will be tried in military commissions rather than civilian courts means that KSM might face lethal injection at Guantanamo, and the President might have to personally sign off on his death.

If it is a capital case, …

House to Further Probe Arlington Grave Mix-Ups

A House subcommittee is set to investigate revelations in my recent TIME article about how widespread the burial fiasco is at Arlington National Cemetery.

“This will not stand,” subcommittee Chairman Rep. Rob Wittman, R-Va., said about the new facts in the piece that revealed workers regularly come across unidentified remains in …

What Kind of Crackdown Warrants Humanitarian Intervention?

President Obama argues that the Unites States was compelled to act in Libya because of Col. Muammar Gaddafi’s brutality against civilians in his own country. Speaking in El Salvador on Tuesday, Obama blasted Gaddafi as a brutal dictator who is “threatening his people.” The President said the Unites States acted, in part, to “make …

Energy Secretary: Obama Still Wants New Nuclear Plants

Energy Secretary Steven Chu told Congress Wednesday that the Obama administration remains committed to building new nuclear power plants in the United States, despite the unfolding nuclear debacle unfolding in Japan.

Texas Republican Rep. Joe Barton pressed Chu on the new plants during a hearing of the Energy and Commerce Committee. …

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