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Perry Compared Homosexuality to Alcoholism in 2008 Book

The origin of homosexuality has become something of a political litmus test for presidential candidates, almost akin to their stance on abortion. Candidates are now expected to explain whether or not they believe homosexuality is a hard-wired predisposition. It’s an important distinction, and how candidates broach the issue can really …

Latest Arlington Mix-Ups Face Congressional Scrutiny

Rep. Rob Wittman, the Virginia Republican leading a House subcommittee hearing on the burial scandal at Arlington National Cemetery on Thursday, noted at one point that the Army had promised to determine the correct location and identity of every person buried at Arlington. “It seems to me that now we have learned that the Army doesn’t …

How the Feds Are Reacting to Fukushima

Stark similarities between the stricken nuclear plant in Japan and dozens of sites in the United States continue to emerge, suggesting that under similar drastic scenarios, the United States might face the same kind of disaster. It’s unclear what the Nuclear Regulatory Commission or Congress are prepared to do about it, but they do have …

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