Nixon at 100: Playing Piano on Paar

Richard Nixon taps the ivories for Jack Paar in part 4 of Swampland’s 5 part series this week, as TIME celebrates the anniversary of Richard Nixon’s 100th birthday with his most memorable moments.

Nixon at 100: “I Am Not a Crook”

Part 2 of Swampland’s 5 part series this week highlighting Richard Nixon’s most memorable moments. The 37th President of the United States, Nixon would have been 100 on January 9.

Richard Ben Cramer

Richard Ben Cramer, a journalist I knew and admired greatly, has passed away at the age of 62.

Nixon at 100: The Layer Cake

This being the week of Richard Nixon’s centennial, Swampland will pause briefly each day to take note of the 37th president’s special appeal and powers. To kick things off, we offer up part of one bloodless diagnosis from William …

Al Franken Says Goodbye To Tom Davis, His Comedy Partner

Before there was Minnesota Sen. Al Franken, there was Franken and Davis, a comedy writing duo that became one the best comedy teams in American history. They were high school friends, who went on to become founding writers for Saturday Night Live, and much more. Davis died last week after a long battle with cancer. On Thursday, Franken …

Hitch Gone

My reaction is similar to Andrew Sullivan’s, though I wasn’t as close to Christopher as Andrew was. Hitch and I had several memorable–to me, at least–sparring sessions. When we debated in England, just before 9/11, he attacked me from the left. When we debated in America, after 9/11, he attacked me from the right. His “inconsistency” …

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