Joe's Road Trip

Road Trip Day 3: Barbecue With a Book Group

Austin, Texas

The Folktales’ Black Women’s Literary Society has been meeting and reading for 17 years. Time reader Peggy Terry invited me to join the group for some barbecue and talk at the George Washington Carver museum in …

Road Trip Day 2: Playlists

Austin, Texas

We hit a hellacious and inexplicable traffic jam–no construction, no apparent accidents–halfway between San Antonio and Austin yesterday, which gave Turk Pipkin and me time to listen to some music. Turk, you …

Road Trip Day 1: Bored on the Border?

Laredo, Texas

“Are you here for the convention,” the woman with pink and bronze hair asked me at the hotel in San Antonio.

“No,” I replied, “Which convention?”

“The hairdressers’ convention.”

“Do I look like a …

Road Trip 2011: And So It Begins

San Antonio, Texas

Road Trip 2011 begins today. Well, we had so much fun last time, why not? And there’s still a lot to learn, and enjoy, about this country. So I’m in San Antonio, and in a few hours I’ll pick up our first traveling companion and head down to the Mexican border at Laredo. Some basic facts about this year’s trip:

Road Trip 2011!

As I was saying…Washington is just too ugly for words. The rest of the world isn’t much of a bargain, either. I’m feeling the need to get outta here, hit the road, talk to actual people. And so–you knew it was …

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