In the Arena

Sanity on Obamacare

There’s been so much hyperbolic nonsense written about the Affordable Care Act that it’s hard to discern what’s really happening with this crucial new program.

But a terrific place to start is with two of my favorite young …

Are You Syrious?

This President has shown a unique ability to make the correct foreign policy judgments in the worst possible way.

Management 102

The President gave a speech about his management of the federal bureaucracy today. I’ve been critical of this aspect of his presidency in the past, so it’s only right that I respond to his effort, even though I know this is a …

The Civil-Liberties Freak-Out

We pretty much knew everything that has “broken” in the past week. The NSA has been involved in a legal data-mining operation for almost a decade.

Memorial Day in Oklahoma City

I spent Memorial Day weekend with Team Rubicon, the great veterans disaster relief organization. We fought the battle of SW 7th Street in Moore, Oklahoma.

Reactionaries in New York

The Democratic candidates for mayor in New York threaten to return the city to the horrors of the David Dinkins era.

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