Vetting the 34,000

When you’re making a decision that many in the military will not like, such as removing 34,000 troops from Afghanistan, it’s best to keep it closely held until it becomes fait accompli during the State of the Union address.

General John Allen Salutes…His Wife

Marine General John Allen told President Obama on Tuesday he would rather retire from the U.S. military than become Supreme Allied Commander, Europe, one of the top posts in the U.S. military.

Thin Ice on Blood and Treasure

Some members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff have warned that the sequester will cause troops and civilians to die. Mixing – confusing — this blood and treasure leads to a slippery slope.

Afghan Endgame

No longer any point in pretending. The U.S. is in such a rush to pull out of Afghanistan, it’ll risk the sacrifice of 2,086 U.S. troops and more than a half-trillion dollars to put the “graveyard of empires” in its rear-view mirror.

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