State Governments

Forget Wisconsin. Unions’ Biggest Loss Was in California

Bad news for teachers and other public-sector employees: America is more than ready to cut your pensions and benefits. While most politicos had been focusing this week on the Wisconsin recall, an election 2,100 miles away in San Jose, Calif., may be a bigger harbinger of the kind of austerity voters are developing a taste for.

Ohio Governor Kasich’s Struggles Extend Beyond Election Day

In last year’s class of incoming Republican governors, John Kasich was among the best bets to become a star. A former nine-term congressman, Kasich ousted a formidable Democratic incumbent by persuading Ohioans that the state’s bloated budget needed trimming, and that he, a former House Budget Committee chairman, was the right person for …

In Minnesota Shutdown, Wider Budget Conflict Comes to a Head

“We will not saddle our children and grandchildren with mounds of debts, with promises for funding levels that will not be there in the future,” said the Republican House Speaker, publicly feuding with the Democratic executive over how best to trim yawning deficits. “This is debt that they can’t afford. It’s debt that we can’t afford …

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