Articles of Faith: Republicans Court Social Conservatives — and Controversy

With three weeks to go until the Ames straw poll in Iowa, the race is on to capture the hearts of social conservatives in the Republican party. A number of candidates are competing for the important voting bloc, but for all practical purposes, the field has already narrowed to Michele Bachmann and a still-undeclared candidate, Rick …

Joe Biden’s Secret Meeting with the Pope

Late last week, the White House released a photo of Vice President Joe Biden meeting with Pope Benedict during a recent trip to Italy. The meeting, which was unannounced and appeared on neither man’s official schedule, took …

Rick Perry’s Controversial Call to Prayer

Texas governor Rick Perry, who may or may not be considering a presidential run, is partnering with the conservative Christian American Family Association to hold an all-day prayer event in Houston this August. Perry has invited his fellow governors to join him at the event to “call upon Jesus to guide us through unprecedented struggles” …

Catholics Take Boehner to Task

As John Boehner (Catholic-OH) prepares to give the commencement address this weekend at Catholic University, a group of more than 70 Catholic theologians has sent him a tough letter noting that his voting record on economic issues does not match Catholic teaching.

Nat’l Day of Prayer–GOP Only, Please

The Dobsons came to Washington yesterday and hosted a gathering on Capitol Hill for the National Day of Prayer, an annual observance that President Obama officially established by proclamation earlier this week. Organizers must have lost Obama’s address, though (pssst!–1600 Pennsylvania Avenue), because Adelle Banks from Religion News …

Newt Gingrich, Newbie Catholic

Newt Gingrich was a featured speaker at this morning’s National Catholic Prayer Breakfast, an annual event in Washington that traditionally draws (Republican) politicians looking to court conservative Catholics. Much of the breakfast was focused on the biggest news in the Catholic world this week–the upcoming beatification of Pope John …

Where Will Obama Worship On Easter?

When the Obamas moved into the White House, Washington’s African-American religious communities were ecstatic. The White House was swamped with invitations to visit area churches, and every congregation hoped to land the First …

The Martyrdom of St. Douglas

Douglas Kmiec was an unlikely supporter of Barack Obama during the 2008 campaign, but a valuable one. A devout Catholic, he briefly served as director of the office of legal counsel in Reagan’s Justice Department and held a chaired professorship at the conservative Pepperdine Law School. His backing of Obama was rewarded by the …

“Money is Fungible”

Obviously. Except when it’s a grant to a religious organization, in which case it’s obviously tightly segregated in order to prevent the appearance of government-funded religion and therefore the furthest thing from fungible.

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