Domestic Policy

Why Pensions May be More Vulnerable

My story on the negotiations on the bail out bill on the Hill. The point that Paulson and Bernanke made about pensions is interesting. Despite all the laments that Americans aren’t saving enough for retirement, this is a massive market: more than $1.9 trillion in DB pensions, $2.5 trillion in 401(k) savings and $4.75 trillion in IRAs

Live Blogging the Paulson-Bernanke-Cox Show in the Senate

Our colleague Justin Fox is live blogging the Senate Banking Committee hearing I’m at this morning on Capitol Hill. The main attractions are Paulson, Bernanke and Chris Cox. So far, the most colorful moment came before the hearing started when Code Pink – an anti-war group that haunts congressional hearings – heckled Senators …

Is This Really the Time for Politics?


In our nation’s history, there have been moments that require us to come together across party lines to address major challenges. This is such a moment. Last night Secretary Paulson and Chairman Bernanke and Chairman Cox met with congressional leaders of both parties, and they had a very good meeting. I appreciate the willingness

Worries? What worries?

First, a disclaimer: every Democratic member of Congress is absolutely committed to helping the U.S. economy recover and wishes that the down turn hadn’t happened.

That said, the economic crisis couldn’t have come at a better time as far as a lot of Democrats are concerned. Last week Dems were wringing their hands over the Obama …

Obama and the Economy

Last week I began to wonder: given that the economy is so bad, why hasn’t Obama taken off more in the polls? So I decided to head out on the trail and ask some voters. A pattern emerged (Romo and Hecimovich are two of the more than 50 people I spoke with that Obama encountered at the two diners and at one of his economic town hall …

Jobs Jobs and More Jobs in Pennsylvania

Commentators on my AFL-CIO posts earlier this week (this is for you, Elvis) asked what Obama and Clinton were saying on the trail in Pennsylvania. Most of the talk was about jobs, creating them, bringing them back or preventing them from leaving. I just posted this story on about how Obama and Clinton may sound different — he …

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