Rangel’s Rant

Video courtesy of C-SPAN

In an unprecedented 31-minute speech on the House floor done against the advice of lawyers and friends, Rep. Charlie Rangel, attacked head on the allegations against him and the process under which he said he’s suffered unfairly.

Rangel seemed to …

The House’s Special Session

Ah, the joys of special session. Today 255 House Dems and 178 House Republicans are making their way back to Washington for a 24-hour session of the lower chamber. The reason? A $26.1 billion bill providing aid to the states that the Senate finally managed to push through before adjourning last week — about half of the original $50 …

Race to the Top

David Brooks makes a not-very-convincing, and somewhat confused, case against more economic stimulus in his column today. His argument, essentially, is that since the economy hasn’t boomed in the wake of Obama’s stimulus plan, the plan probably didn’t work. I’m no economist–and, as Brooks accurately points out, most economists are far …

Teacher Layoffs

I’m generally in favor of President Obama’s efforts to prevent massive layoffs of public employees at the state and local level. But–you knew a “but” was coming, right?–there have to be some strings attached. I’m not sure Charles Lane is right that this isn’t as bad as it seems. The pain won’t be distributed equally. The districts that …

Morning Must Reads: TGIF

Official White House Photo by Pete Souza

–So health care is done for now. Congress is running off on recess and President Obama is headed to Camp David for the weekend. Everyone could probably use a rest.

–Majority Leader Reid, caught up in the moment, accidentally voted “no” on health care (again) yesterday before …

Morning Must Reads: The Big Deal

Official White House Photo by Chuck Kennedy

–That’s what a signature with 22 pens looks like. Here’s who get them.

–Probably the most touted immediate effect of the health care bill, a measure preventing insurance companies from denying children coverage on the basis of preexisting conditions, may not kick in as advertised …

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