In A Rut

There are three components to America’s growing income inequality.

Build That Pipeline!

Environmental groups are approaching the Keystone project much as the U.S. government fights the war on drugs. They are attacking supply rather than demand.

Sequestered in Memphis

My head is filled to bursting with the great Hold Steady song: Subpoened in Texas, Sequestered in Memphis. It’s far more fun than the current idiotic man-made crisis over the sequester in DC. I’ve been ignoring this “crisis,” assuming that they’ll cut some sort of last minute deal, as they always do.

The Sequester: Wasting a Crisis

Both sides have found silver linings in letting the cuts kick in: Democrats can blame the Republicans for their intransigence, and Republicans can say they slashed government spending.

A Major Political Prediction for 2013

So you want to know what happens next? Don’t we all.

I happen to work in an industry built upon two things: reliable reporting about what has happened, and unreliable projections about what might happen in the future. It’s not that the projections are always wrong. It’s just that you would be a fool to believe that they are …

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