Sarah Palin

The Sarah Palin I-Quit-arod

Should we really have been so surprised? Quitting things seems to be a defining trait of Sarah Palin. This, after all, is a woman who attended five colleges in as many years:

Palin’s first stop, at the University of Hawaii in Hilo in 1982, didn’t last long, according to Johnson. Palin and three Wasilla friends who expected sunny skies

Sarah Palin To Quit As Alaska Governor

Late last year, I spoke with a number of Republican Party activists about Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. What would she need to do to have a chance in 2012? Could she be the conservative star that the media seemed to think?

The answers were more or less the same. She was a clear talent, they said, with a lot of drawing power. There was …

The Swooning Over Sarah…

About the loneliest precinct in the GOP these days is the one reserved for troublesome Republicans who think Gov. Sarah Palin was a poor VP choice, even after The Speech. Well, here I am. Hello? Anybody else? Wow, there is a big echo in here…

In my postings here and my appearances on NBC I’ve made the case that as far as helping …


They went for shock and awe. They got it, especially the shock. Now comes the awe. The question is will it be very good or very bad.

The Sarah Palin balance sheet. Pros; most impressive young conservative Governor is the country. The base will love her, grass-roots side of convention floor will be happy. She has charisma and can …

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