Ron Paul

Campaign Circus Reaches Fever Pitch in New Hampshire

Bedford, New Hampshire

The Granite State had been worked to a fever pitch by Monday, as candidates made their final appeals before the long-anticipated primary. In the sleepy New Hampshire hills, the buildings overflowed. Crowds of reporters swallowed candidates and innocent bystanders alike. And the kooks and activists came out to …

Can Ron Paul Pull Off a Youth Revolt in Iowa?

Newton, Iowa

David Richardson, clad in his black leather Led Zeppelin jacket, rode his bicycle into the middle of the Iowa Speedway in Newton. There were no drivers on the track, but there was a different kind of race under …

The Bullseye on Ron Paul’s Back

At most of Ron Paul’s events in Iowa this week, little was said about the bad press that has buffeted him outside his intimate town halls. While Paul and his fans were decrying the secrecy of the Federal Reserve, the national media highlighted a past scandal, new criticisms and constant slights from his rivals.

“He’s a threat to …

Six Reasons Ron Paul Has Appeal Beyond the GOP

Council Bluffs, Iowa

A rowdy pack of ever dedicated supporters makes its presence known at most of Ron Paul’s campaign events in Iowa. But beyond those who show up already wearing “I voted for Ron Paul” T-shirts, there are …

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