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Lofgren’s Bad Day

It’s safe to say that Thursday was an eminently bad day for Rep. Zoe Lofgren, a California Democrat. Lofgren, chair of the House Committee on Standards of Official Conduct, thought much of the news cycle that day would revolve around a 20-page report clearing Rep. Sam Graves, a Missouri Republican who had been referred to the committee

4 for 2010?

House Republicans are starting to pull together an agenda for 2010. It’s not as sweeping as the Contract with America, or, even, Six for 06. But if you’re a small businessman with a commercial real estate problem or a company wondering how you’re going to pay for mounting unemployment insurance costs — than this plan’s for you. Once, …

HCAN Protests AHIP

A dispatch from TIME’s Sophia Yan:

“Congress, We Are Watching You!” was scrawled across handmade signs, bobbing above the heads of the few hundred rallied by Health Care for America Now to show support for a public option. “We need a public option, not a stock option,” shouted one woman. Some came out to support family

It’s Harry’s Show Now

So, four months after its first deadline, the Finance Committee is finally done. Now the spotlight turns to Harry Reid. The fates must have some small sense of irony to burden the largest bill of just about anyone’s career (unless you’re Bobby Byrd and were here for the passage of the Civil Rights Act) on the most vulnerable 2010 …

Forecasting the Chances of Snowe

Olympia Snowe didn’t make a liar out of Max Baucus, who had been predicting for months that he would have at least some GOP support when passing his health care reform bill out of the Finance Committee (all along most of us read this as one person: Snowe). For the chairman this must be a huge relief. But Snowe made it clear that her …

McCain, Maverick No More?

John McCain returned to the Senate in 2000 a virtual liberal: throwing bombs at his Republican leaders (and especially George W. Bush).

John McCain returned to the Senate in 2009 a virtual conservative: a model Republican and leading critic of President Obama – especially, these days, on the war in Afghanistan.

McCain’s …

DWTS Week 3: Tom DeLay Watch

“What’s a little pain, when you can party?”

After voting for Tom DeLay in the first round of Dancing with the Stars, I must admit I haven’t been keeping up. But fortunately, Christina Bellantoni brings us up to speed. It turns out he has been dancing with not one but TWO stress fractures.

Will the Hammer get booted tonight? Even …

UPDATE: And Yet Another Republican For Obamacare

Who knew there were so many socialists in the Republican Party?

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger today issued the following statement urging the passage of health care reform at the national level:

“As Governor, I have made significant efforts to advance health reform in California. As the Obama Administration was launching

More Republicans for Obamacare

Okay, maybe it’s not enough to call a groundswell. But after former Majority Leader Bill Frist told me last Friday that he would end up voting for the bill were he still in Congress (with some caveats about the shortcomings of the legislative language as it now stands), we’ve heard from some other GOP voices in support of the basic …

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