Occupy Wall Street

Campaign Circus Reaches Fever Pitch in New Hampshire

Bedford, New Hampshire

The Granite State had been worked to a fever pitch by Monday, as candidates made their final appeals before the long-anticipated primary. In the sleepy New Hampshire hills, the buildings overflowed. Crowds of reporters swallowed candidates and innocent bystanders alike. And the kooks and activists came out to …

Occupy Wall Street’s Day Off Message

Occupy Wall Street began with a simple idea: occupy Wall Street. By sitting, camping, sleeping at what many Americans still see as the symbolic scene of the crimes–both moral and legal–that led to the 2008 financial collapse, the message was clear. It was an act of civil disobedience that pointed the finger at the rich guys in suits. …

Occupy Wall Street’s Law-And-Order Problem

Mayor Michael Bloomberg left no question about his reasons for ordering a surprise overnight raid on Zuccotti Park to clear protesters after weeks of occupation. “The park was becoming a place where people came not to protest, …

Can Occupy Wall Street Be Used Against Obama?

The Republican National Committee seems to think the answer is yes. Here the tear gas in Oakland is shown to describe instability in Obama’s America, and the Occupy protesters are used to demonstrate dissatisfaction with Obama.