Newt Gingrich

Why Does Newt Gingrich Hate Christmas?

If you’ve read Newt Gingrich’s Rediscovering God in America–and you really should, to get a better understanding of why this thrice-married former Speaker is gaining ground among social conservatives–you know that he considers secularism one of the greatest threats facing the country. In fact, here’s the first sentence of the

Gingrich May Be a Historian, but not a Clairvoyant

This June 2005 quote from the former House Speaker, spoken at a joint appearance with none other than Hillary Clinton (Newt was in a moderate-friend-of-Democrats phase at the time) proved less than prescient:

“We may be at the end of a 40-year cycle of bitterness,” Gingrich said. “I’ve spent enough of my life fighting. It would be nice

The Newt Show in Iowa

JEFFERSON, IOWA — Newt Gingrich is having his I-told-you-so moment. Within mere days of announcing his presidential campaign in May, the former House Republican Speaker from Georgia suffered a spectacular political meltdown that …

Newton’s Laws: The Phantom Gingrich Comeback

I realize that it seems every candidate in the Republican 2012 field gets an Andy Warhol-esque fifteen minutes of glory. But color me skeptical about the notion of a Newt Gingrich surge. This National Review story, pegged to some slight fundraising and poll progress by the former House Speaker, leaves me thoroughly unconvinced that Newt …


Newt Gingrich represented Georgia in Congress for 20 years. He announced the beginnings of his 2012 presidential campaign in Atlanta. And in the run-up to Georgia’s little-noted Republican presidential straw poll this weekend, his campaign was boasting about the many state GOP officials backing his candidacy. “I think the campaign here …

Gingrich 2012 and Gingrich, Inc.

More bad news for Newt’s Gingrich’s foundering presidential campaign: His top two fundraisers have quit, bringing the count of deserters from his 2012 operation to a whopping 18, according to the AP. His fundraising is reportedly so anemic that the candidate has been reduced to giving up his corporate jets for commercial flights. …

Newtmentum 2012 Continues Apace

After weeks of unforced errors and an unremarkable showing at Monday’s Republican primary debate, Newt Gingrich’s epically calamitous campaign for President started fresh Tuesday morning with one of the candidate’s signature stemwinders in New Hampshire:

Gingrich Spins Himself as an Outsider, Thanks the Washington Press Corps

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich thanked the Washington press corps on Monday for grilling him on his shifting positions on Paul Ryan’s budget – he called Ryan last week to apologize for calling it “radical” – and for exposing a one-time loan from Tiffany’s for upwards of $500,000 in 2005-2006. “I can’t thank the …

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