Newt Gingrich

Still Standing, Gingrich Says ‘We’re Doing Just Fine’ in Iowa

Sioux City, Iowa

If Newt Gingrich is steaming about the flurry of attacks that have impeded his momentum and caused his poll numbers to sag, he’s not letting the frustration show. On the third day of his 22-stop bus tour, Gingrich was loose and boisterous on Thursday morning at a trio of campaign events in Sioux City, the hub of one …

Newt Gingrich Contemplates War with Iran

A lively debate continues to swirl in some quarters of Washington about whether time is running out to derail Iran’s nuclear program through military action. The Atlantic‘s Jeffrey Goldberg, who has perhaps written more than anyone on this subject, relays growing concerns in Israel about Barack Obama’s willingness to use force if …

Gingrich Is a Great Counter-Puncher

As Crowley points out, it didn’t take long for Newt Gingrich to break his pledge to stay positive in Saturday’s big debate in Iowa. “Let’s be candid,” he said (Newt is always “candid” or “frank” or “fundamentally” something), responding to Mitt Romney’s mantra that his own years in business better prepared him for the Presidency than …

So Much for Nice Guy Newt

When I interviewed Newt Gingrich for our print edition a couple of weeks ago, he professed his intention to run a positive primary campaign:

Gingrich told me that, even now that he is surging in the polls, he has no plans to wage a slash and burn campaign to win the Republican nomination. Gingrich says that Ronald Reagan successfully

Newt as Napoleon in Russia

Rick Perry’s latest ad fires at multiple targets, including Mitt Romney and Barack Obama. But the first person it whacks is Newt Gingrich. And while most GOP primary voters will already know that Romney and Obama have both supported health care mandates in the past, the fact that Gingrich has also committed this most venal sin will …

The Quotable Newt Gingrich

Democrats may be taking Newt seriously as a potential nominee. But boy will he spend a lot of time on the defensive in the weeks and perhaps months to come. Alex Massie flags just one vivid example of why this is the case: a 2008 talk in which Gingrich warns that the Bush administration’s success in preventing a 9/11 repeat is breeding …

Newt in Iowa: Can Gingrich Scale Up His Campaign?

Urbandale, Iowa

In the southwest corner of a low-rise office park on the outskirts of Des Moines, the hottest campaign in presidential politics is scrambling to get organized. Newt Gingrich’s Iowa headquarters is a spare …

Newt’s Insider Appeal

What strikes me most about the Iowa poll numbers Adam flagged earlier is this:

In seeking to draw a contrast with his competitors, especially Gingrich, Romney has repeatedly noted that the former Speaker was a “career politician,” while he spent most of his life in business. That message might be getting through, but the Post poll

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