Mitt Romney

The Rich History of Mitt Romney

The former Massachusetts governor and runner-up for the 2008 Republican presidential ticket is poised to seize his party’s 2012 nomination for the White House. TIME looks at his vibrant family life, business career and political trials.

How Bain Shaped Romney

In this week’s cover story, Bart Gellman delivers some great reporting on Mitt Romney’s Bain days, his decision-making as a consultant and a private equity CEO. The fun is in the details: a joke Romney once told about polar bear …

The Real Story of Romney’s Olympic Turnaround

On the night of February 8, 2002, Mitt Romney stood next to President George W. Bush at the center of the Salt Lake City Olympics’ opening ceremony. Bathed in a spotlight that illuminated the blue ice, the two men watched as a …

The Fault, Dear Romney, Is Not in the Staff

The tepid June jobs report could relegate the calls for a shake-up in Team Romney to the dumpster of stupid campaign controversies, along with the candidate’s ruminations on lemonade, that 13-year-old conservative who isn’t conservative anymore and the rest of last week’s flotsam and jetsam. But now that Rupert Murdoch, Jack Welch …

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