Mitt Romney

Mittmentum, Continued

Despite the mania around Michele Bachmann, you can sense a new Washington conventional wisdom hardening around the idea that Mitt Romney is quite likely to be the 2012 Republican nominee. Even John Chait is reconsidering his …

Romney’s Obama-Centric Message


Mitt Romney’s currently enjoying a comfortable lead in many state polls and the $25-$30 million in donations he’s said to have brought in this quarter will likely dwarf his opponents’ hauls. But it’s early. Michele Bachmann is rising. Tim Pawlenty and Jon Huntsman are not as well …

Romney Warbucks

Former White House spokesman Bill Burton is chortling on Twitter about this campaign-trail moment captured by the Washington Post:

At one table, a boy offered Romney a $1 bill that he had folded origami-style for good luck. The candidate happily accepted it, but then rifled through his wallet looking for money to give the boy in return.

Understanding Romney Humor: “I’m Also Unemployed”

A few days before the 2010 midterm elections, Mitt Romney opened with this joke at a GOP event in New Hampshire: “It’s nice to be so warmly recognized. I’m not always recognized where I go by the way. The other day I made a phone call. I was trying to dial for dollars, trying to help some of our friends around the country. I called a big …

What Can Mitt Romney Say About Health Reform?

Mitt Romney hasn’t officially filed to run for President. He has no campaign manager. He hasn’t been to first-in-the-nation Iowa so far this year. Yet at 2 p.m. ET on Thursday at the University of Michigan Cardiovascular Center …

Debate Prep: Mitt Romney, Leading From Off Stage

Mitt Romney won’t be at the first 2012 presidential debate Thursday night, even though he is the closest thing to the field’s frontrunner. “It’s still early, the field is too unsettled and he’s not yet an announced candidate,” says Romney aide Matt Rhodes, who is already effectively running the unofficial Romney campaign.

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