Democratic Party

Bail Out Odds and Ends

Some odds and ends floating around the Hill today.

First, read along as our brave colleague Barbara Kiviat liveblogs Paulson and Bernanke’s hearing with the House Banking Committee today.

Second, the House GOP is seriously balking at the bail out and without them it’s going to be very tough getting anything through. As Tom Cole, …

Mount Olympus…

Just heard Obama Manager David Plouffe’s view of the world at a groovy TIME magazine event. I’ll post some thoughts on it a bit later. But for now, a quick review of last night’s Hillary speech and a dire prediction about tomorrow’s planned spectacular at Invesco field.

Hillary gave the best speech of her career. It will do …

Why the Dems Love Big Oil Today

Nancy Pelosi has never been happier to see ExxonMobil post record profits. With John McCain and the GOP successfully focusing the economic debate on the one area where he at least has parity with Barack Obama (see today’s Quinnipiac polls, he and Obama are both fairly equally trusted to bring down gas prices whereas Obama generally …

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