The Gingrich Onslaught Approaches

Ron Paul fires the opening salvo of what’s likely to be a month-long TV ad blitz buffeting Newt Gingrich in Iowa:


It’s Mitt Romney though who has the most to lose from a Gingrich victory there and he has a much larger warchest to fund an anti-Newt campaign. Here’s the first sign …

The Vanishing, Virtual Presidential Primary Campaign

Monday kicked off the final sprint to the Iowa caucuses, now less than a month away. The latest snapshot of the race, captured by a Des Moines Register poll released Saturday night, showed a surging Newt Gingrich atop the field, …

Return of the F-150 Political Ad

Back in the summer of 2010, there was a handful of political ads that seemed to pay homage to some Ford truck commercials narrated by Denis Leary. Ron Paul is bringing the style back with his latest in Iowa:


For comparison:


Breaking: Rick Perry Is “An American”


Lucas Baiano, the guy who made Rick Perry’s new web video, was born and raised on the far side of the Canadian border. This doesn’t matter of course. Baiano is legal to work in the United States, and his dedication to the American political system is unquestioned. After volunteering for both …

Rick Perry Gives Good Ads

Perhaps the only thing that beats a politician in chaps is that same politician walking through a sausage factory, all the while looking good and not at all phony. Meet Texas Gov. Rick Perry, whose long political career, is filled with high quality and effective television spots.

Sometimes he is the Marlboro Man. Sometimes he is right …

Ron Paul Goes After Rick Perry


In a new ad released on Tuesday, Ron Paul hammers fellow Texan and Republican presidential rival Rick Perry, calling Perry’s conservative credentials into doubt by juxtaposing the candidates’ past political allegiances.

Ron Paul, “The One”?


On the heels of his second-place finish in the Ames straw poll, Ron Paul is up in Iowa and New Hampshire with a new ad that casts the Texas Representative as a lone crusader in a “lost city.” According to Politico’s James Hohmann, who first reported it, the 65-second spot is a …

Bachmann’s Keywords: Against, Won’t, Didn’t

In a new ad set to run statewide in Iowa, Michele Bachmann concentrates on the fiscal-conservative leg of her stool. Still in the early courting stages with Hawkeye voters, she regurgitates her biography first (Iowa-born, tax lawyer, mom), and then she speaks out against the bailouts, against the stimulus and against raising the debt …

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