The Great Bain Diversion

The great debate about whether Mitt Romney was a vulture capitalist or venture capitalist at Bain Capital is useful and interesting, but not for the reasons many people pretend it is. The country benefits from a frank discussion about the wages of capitalism and what limits, if any, we should place on free markets. But the specifics of …

The Iowa Ad Bonanza: GOP Candidates’ Closing Arguments on TV

As the GOP presidential primary campaign winds down its Iowa chapter, the candidates have taken to their buses and prop planes to sniff out undecided voters in the farthest reaches of the state before Tuesday’s caucuses. But to the nonfanatical participants, those who haven’t crowded into coffee shops or diners to catch a glimpse of the …

Newt’s Closing Argument: Just Glad to Be on the Team


Michael Scherer directs me to this new ad from Newt Gingrich, an upbeat composite of debate talking points on the economy. It’s reportedly a “major buy” scheduled to run through next week in Iowa–his closing argument. It’s also a very odd choice for this moment in the race.

Perry PAC Accuses Newt of Supervillainous Plot

The Super PAC supporting Rick Perry is airing a new ad bashing Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich in familiar terms. But it does so through a whimsical, old-timey newsreel device which I assume is meant to make the message feel less nasty. The Perry camp is probably mindful of the double-edged sword of going negative–namely that attack ads …

Not Beating Elizabeth Warren, GOP Admakers Try to Join Her

Back in early November, the Republican independent expenditure juggernaut Crossroads GPS wanted to take Democratic Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren down a peg, so they cut an ad insinuating that her attempts to rein in big banks had put spark to the dry tinder in Zuccotti Park. “Elizabeth Warren sides with extreme left protests,” a …

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