AFP Brings Poetry To Political Boob Tube

Politicians are supposed to campaign in poetry and govern in prose. But political advertising this cycle has been, for the most part, a bunch of PowerPoint presentations overlaid on file photo montages. Grainy shot, voice over, bucolic shot, newspaper quote, statistic, out. They are, for the most part, ugly, predictable and boring. (They …

Ad War Update: Obama and Romney at Your Kitchen Table

You know the presidential campaign is getting serious when both candidates stop stabbing each other with sharpened Pinnochio noses long enough to speak directly to you, the voter. “If I could sit down with you in your living room or around the kitchen table,” Obama says in a new direct-to-camera ad, “here’s what I’d say”:

Romney’s New Approach: The Tale of Two Ads

Mitt Romney has a very tricky problem. He’s running against an incumbent President whose poll numbers have proved resilient in the face of a weak economic recovery. The last few weeks have produced a bit of Republican panic, so his campaign is out with a Bold New Strategy™: Senior Romney adviser Stuart Stevens tells Politico (the …

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