Katy Steinmetz

Katy Steinmetz is a TIME reporter based in San Francisco. In addition to working on features for TIME and TIME.com, she contributes to TIME's Swampland, Healthland and NewsFeed blogs. She pens a weekly column on language called Wednesday Words and acts as impresario for political columnist Joe Klein's annual road trips.

Articles from Contributor

Health Care Summit: Not So Great Expectations

There’s little bipartisan agreement on what President Barack Obama’s health care summit on Thursday will truly be, though low expectations are popping up across the political spectrum.

“What’s disturbing is the continued media reports that [Democrats] already have their plan to move forward … no matter what the result is of …

Coming Out Conservative in Hollywood

There’s a kind of “coming out” that’s still scary and potentially career-threatening in the gay-friendly town of Hollywood: telling the world you’re a conservative.

So said radio host Larry O’Connor and producer Kevin McKeever, two Tinsel Town veterans who have exposed themselves as “stage right,” during a seminar on …

Deficit Crusaders Raise Alarm, Seek Message

In a high-ceilinged, gilded room at the Mayflower Hotel, renowned economic minds gathered on Tuesday to discuss the problem of fiscal excess — and the ensuing black hole of debt into which America has been sucked.

Clarity, not to mention consensus, was in limited supply. Panelists, invited by the Peterson-Pew Commission on Budget …

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