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Question Time

It’s deadline day around here, and we’ve nearly got dead-tree TIME put to bed. You’ll never guess what the cover story is this week.

Deirdre Van Dyk and I will be doing a podcast on health care to post later this week. Any questions you’d like us to address. Post them in the comments section. And, please, keep it clean.

Flashback: Candidate Obama on Health Care

Think Progress noted that today marks the third anniversary of a candidate forum on health care that I moderated in Las Vegas. It’s really remarkable to compare where Obama was then on this issue to where he is now.

He made a promise that day which turned out to be more than just campaign rhetoric: “I want to be held accountable for …

Frank Lautenberg: Make Them Filibuster

This just in from Ryan Grim, at the Huffington Post:

The Democratic senator from New Jersey announced Wednesday that he would introduce the “Mr. Smith Bill,” which would specifically require the minority to talk out a filibuster, a la Jimmy Stewart in “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.” Once debate ends and no senator requests the

1,000 Words: Home Alone Edition

H/T to Christopher Roughton, who alerted me (via Twitter) to this AP Photo. It shows House Republican Conference Chairman Mike Pence and Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers holding a Capitol Hill news conference today on health care legislation:

Roughton’s suggested caption:

Bueller? Anyone? Bueller?

Obama’s Big Day

From a White House official:

The President made a surprise appearance at an 11:00am meeting of senior staff.

He’s in the West Wing, getting updates, dropping in on staff, and like the rest of America, examining the rubble of his bracket.

He’s preparing to make and take member phone calls as we move toward the vote.

Bill Clinton

was a hit at last night’s 125th annual Gridiron Dinner, where he filled in for Barack Obama as the main speaker. The punchline of the evening was his prediction for the health care bill:

“It may not happen in my lifetime, or Dick Cheney’s, but hopefully by Easter.”

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