Jay Newton-Small

Jay Newton-Small is Washington correspondent for TIME. Born in New York, she spent time growing up in Asia, Australia and Europe following her vagabond United Nations parents. A graduate of Tufts University and Columbia’s Graduate School of Journalism, Jay previously covered politics for Bloomberg News. And, yes, despite the misleading name SHE is a she.

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Fraud at the NRCC

It’s been six months since the last congressional corruption scandal (ahem, Senator Stevens?). So for those who might have be thinking the Abramoff era was coming to an end, today’s statement out of the National Republican Congressional Committee should perk you up. From NRCC Chairman Tom Cole:

”As part of our ongoing efforts to

Obama v. McCain

Obama this morning held a press conference with reporters in Los Angeles where he made it clear that he believes that the increasingly likely candidacy of Senator John McCain in the GOP race will help Obama win the Democratic contest. Obama made his case on two fronts. First, that his early opposition to the war in Iraq is much more …

Edwards for Hillary?

So Edwards isn’t ruling out endorsing anybody. But that statement from the campaign can be translated into: Edwards isn’t ruling out endorsing Hillary and the Inside the Beltway rumor mill abounds with speculation. It is a prospect that I find incredibly surprising, though, since he’s spent the last several months talking about how …

Some thoughts on today’s primary

Winning and losing primaries is not a clear-cut, black-and-white issue. A candidate can essentially win by coming in second as long as he defies expectations. Conversely, if a candidate is unable to attract enough of a key group of voters, he can be judged to lose a race even if his name is tops in the final vote count. The latter is the …

Edwards Presses On

Just in case anyone was starting to believe the rumors, it seems John Edwards has no intention of dropping out this Saturday. From a press release this afternoon:



Edwards will

Bill Clinton, Your Ears Must Be Burning

The Obama campaign pulled out the big guns today on Bill Clinton, saying his tactics are dirty and beneath him. Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill, who has endorsed Obama, fired the first salvo on a conference call arranged by the campaign:

“Because of the larger megaphone that (Bill Clinton) has a former president he needs to be very

Obama’s Real “Fired Up”

It’s a familiar story. In most speeches Obama has a riff about how one tired morning, wet, cold and bummed out he went to an event far from civilization where a wizened old lady fired him up with her chants of “Fired Up! Ready to Go!” I was surprised to find today when I went back with Obama for a Greenwood rally that the reality did not …

Obama’s Hall Pass

Also today Obama began running national ads on CNN and MSNBC, a buy that includes Florida. The Clinton campaign held an outraged conference call with reporters saying this violated the pledge not to campaign in Florida. “This calls into question whether or not Senator Obama meant the pledge when he signed it or if losing three …

Hillary Giving Up on the Palmetto State?

Hilary will skip South Carolina most of the week, according to this nice scoop from the New York Observer, in order to campaign in California, Arizona, New Mexico, New Jersey and New York, all February 5th states.

The campaign isn’t totally abandoning the South Carolina, apparently Bill and Chelsea will be here tomorrow. But, clearly, …

Obama Does Embrace Race

Eleven and a half months ago – and God, I can’t believe it’s been that long – I watched Barack Obama rally a crowd of nearly 3,000 at Columbia, South Carolina’s convention center. It was the week after he’d entered the race and pundits were still amazed at the size of the audiences he could draw, and their diversity: more …

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