Elizabeth Dias

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Mitt Romney Faces the ‘Values Voters’

Mitt Romney faced a tepid reception when he spoke at the Values Voters Summit in Washington, D.C., on Saturday morning. Perhaps the crowd was still coming down from Herman Cain’s rousing Friday barnburner. But the central tension whenever Romney, who is Mormon, addresses an evangelical audience was more pronounced than ever: Can …

Rick Santorum vs. the APA


Speaking to a group of Penn State students, including members of the College Republicans, on Wednesday, the night before his interview with CNN’s Piers Morgan aired, Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum boiled with outrage over Morgan’s assertion that his attitude on …

Why Social Conservatives Met With Rick Perry Last Weekend

Back in May and before Rick Perry was considering a presidential run, a group of social conservative leaders approached the Lone Star governor. “One of our people wanted to take a look at him,” says Rapid City, S.D., furniture-store owner and conservative organizer Bob Fischer. “Perry became anxious to meet with us, the conservatives …

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