Trade Group Botches Math On Obamacare Claim

The National Association of Manufacturers is forced to correct its CEO’s annual address

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Sometimes the numbers just don’t add up.

In looking over an embargoed press release last night, I was struck by the National Association of Manufacturing’s startling claim that Obamacare would cost 60 million workers their employer-provided insurance. This seemed an enormous amount to me, and so I decided to cover NAM CEO Jay Timmons’ annual State of Manufacturing speech.

I wrote about his assertion here, only to receive a phone call this afternoon from the association. It turns out they arrived at the 60 million figure from a Congressional Budget Office report that forecast a reduction in full-time work hours, but later retracted the claim and acknowledged a misinterpretation of the report. The revised claim is that six million workers would lose insurance through their employers.

The group apologized and my story has since been corrected.