Chris Christie Will Speak At CPAC 2014

Vote of confidence in embattled New Jersey governor after last year's snub

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New Jersey governor Chris Christie will speak at the Conservative Political Action Conference next month after being denied a speaking slot last year, in what might be seen as a conservative vote of confidence for the embattled Republican.

The largest annual gathering of conservatives is considered a prime gig for a presidential hopeful, since it’s an opportunity to make an impression on primary voters, grassroots activists, and conservative media.

American Conservative Union chairman Al Cardenas told Yahoo News that Christie was snubbed last year because his record wasn’t conservative enough, and because of his gushing praise of Obama’s response to Superstorm Sandy and his criticism of House Republicans for delaying the relief funding.

Christie’s invitation to speak is a sign that the GOP may not be ready to give up on governor, despite the “Bridgegate” scandal that has rocked his administration. Big Republican names came to Christie’s support on Sunday morning talk shows this week.

In a letter published by the New York Times last week, Christie’s former aide David Wildstein alleged that evidence existed proving that Christie knew his aides had snarled traffic on the George Washington Bridge in retaliation for a political slight by the mayor of Fort Lee, NJ. Christie denied all claims he had any foreknowledge of the scheme.

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