Clinton Says Benghazi Attack Her ‘Biggest Regret’

The former Secretary of State called the 2012 attack in Libya 'a terrible tragedy'

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Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Monday that her “biggest regret” from her time at Foggy Bottom was the 2012 attack on a U.S. consulate in Libya that killed four Americans, including Ambassador Chris Stevens.

“It was a terrible tragedy losing four Americans, two diplomats and now it’s public so I can say two CIA operatives,” Clinton said during a talk at the National Automobile Dealers Association conference. “Losing an ambassador like Chris Stevens who was one of our very best.”

Republicans have long used the attack in Benghazi to hammer President Barack Obama and Clinton ahead of what many expect to be a 2016 presidential run. Asked again Monday whether she’ll try to succeed Obama in the White House, Clinton said: “I have to say I don’t know.”

“I’m not thinking about it,” she said. “I’ve tried to get other people not to think about it.”