“I Love Bill Clinton,” Says Barbara Bush

Could there be a bi-partisan bond forming?

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Jim Watson / AFP / Getty Images

Former first lady Barbara Bush attends a White House ceremony to recognize the Points of Light volunteer program in Washington, DC, July 15, 2013

Despite the fact that he defeated her husband in the 1992 presidential election, Barbara Bush loves Bill Clinton. She said in a C-SPAN interview that George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton have bonded over the years to form a bipartisan friendship.

“I love Bill Clinton. Maybe not his politics, but I love Bill Clinton,” she said in the interview. “Bill’s father wasn’t around. And I think that he thinks of George a little bit like the father he didn’t have, and he’s very loving to him. And I really appreciate that.”

Bush also added that she doesn’t want her son and former governor of Florida, Jeb, to run for president. Though she thinks he’s the “best qualified person” to run in the next election, she worries about the process. “I think he’ll get all my enemies, all his brother’s,” she said.

Jeb Bush responded with a tweet:

Bush’s interview on C-SPAN for the “First Ladies” series is set to air this week.