Infographic: Obama Accepts Rare Outsider Into Golf Game

Game with New Zealand Prime Minister is only 10th with an elected official

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New Zealand has long maintained a warm relationship with the United States, but few measures of bilateralism are as meaningful as the one that occurred on Thursday. In the final days of his vacation in Hawaii, President Obama hit the links with New Zealand Prime Minister John Key and his teenage son Max, an unlikely inclusion in the President’s normally insular golf game.

It was the 160th round of golf of Obama’s presidency, but only the 10th that included a fellow office holder. By way of comparison, it was the 117th time that White House┬átrip director and First Bro Marvin┬áNicholson, who filled out yesterday’s foursome, has participated.

See TIME’s Sept. 15 feature on the President’s golf game for the complete methodology.