Marking ‘Festivus,’ Rand Paul Tweets Grievances About Fed, Alternate-Side-Of-Street Parking

But no "Feats of Strength"

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Kentucky Republican Sen. Rand Paul celebrated Festivus, the faux holiday made famous by TV sitcom Seinfeld, with the traditional “airing of grievances” on Monday.

Instead of gathering his family around the table to discuss all the ways they have disappointed him over the last year, Paul took his frustration out on the Federal Reserve and his staff’s criticism of his wardrobe choices.

On Sunday night, Paul previewed the following day’s onslaught of grievances:

Let Festivus begin:

cc: Harry Reid

Watch out DC street-cleaners:

Onto the Fed:

No feats of strength? Blasphemy!


Turtlenecks were a favorite of Jerry Seinfeld!

Finally, a “Festivus Miracle” of bipartisanship he got Cory Booker to retweet him:

We’ll update this post with more of Paul’s grievances as he posts them.