Trump To Visit New Hampshire

Stoking the flames of 2016 speculation

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Donald Trump — the reality television star, real estate mogul and self-promoter extraordinaire — is traveling to New Hampshire next month to stoke the flames for a 2016 presidential run.

Neil Levesque, the executive director of the New Hampshire Institute of Politics, tells TIME that Trump will speak at the Granite State institution and presidential primary stepping-stone Politics & Eggs breakfast on Jan. 21.

“Everyone who has run for president has spoken here,” says Levesque. “It’s pretty much the first thing you do when you enter the Granite State.”

Levesque and co-sponsor The New England Council approached Trump about attending the event, which brings together the business community and political activists, several months ago. “We’re very excited about it,” he said.

Trump has frequently flirted with presidential campaigns and garnered real attention in the progress, but he’s not seriously expected to mount one.