There’s a Government Agency That Actually Still Uses FLOPPY DISKS

Legal wording bans the use of flash drives

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Vintage floppy computer disk

The three-and-a-half-inch floppy disk seemingly became irrelevant years ago, but one government agency still uses it every day.

The Federal Register, which publishes government notices, rule changes and executive orders, is still collecting some information through the antiquated floppy disks the New York Times reports. Legal wording in the The Federal Register Act prevents the use of flash drives or SD cards and still requires signed, printed copies of documents, according to Amy P. Bunk, the agency’s director of legal affairs and policy.

A group representing federal contractors said it’s an example of government’s use of outdated technology hampering operations across the board.

“You’ve got this antiquated system that still works but is not nearly as efficient as it could be,” said Stan Soloway, chief executive of the Professional Services Council. “Companies that work with the government, whether longstanding or newcomers, are all hamstrung by the same limitations.”