Cartoon Claims Obamacare Will Give Men STDs because Women Can Afford Birth Control Now

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© Antonio Branco

An anti-Obamcare cartoon posted on the website Comically Incorrect claims that men will get more sexually transmitted diseases from “women who now get free birth control” thanks to the health care reform law.

The cartoon shows a woman with sores on her mouth and birth control pills in her hand who asks the man next to her, “Got insurance?” The angry man replies, “No! What I ‘got’ is an STD from one of the many women who now get free birth control and a website I can’t access. Now you Can to. Thanks Obamacare!” The bottom of the cartoon reads #gotbrokencondom #gotherpes #gotpregnant #gotchildsupport.

The cartoon is a parody for an ad for Obamacare from that shows a girl giving a thumbs up while holding a pack of birth control pills next to her partner.

The artist A.F. Branco’s work on the site also includes a drawing of President Barack Obama murdering a doctor with a giant sword.

There is no evidence that access to health insurance or birth control leads to an increase in STDs.

Branco gave the following statement about the cartoon early Wednesday morning, according to the Huffington Post:

“I’m not against birth control nor do I feel that it is any of my business what people do sexually. However, I do feel that contraceptives are inexpensive and accessible enough that I shouldn’t have to pay for them through my taxes. I also feel that my government shouldn’t be promoting promiscuous sex as though condoms are the answer to all STDs and promiscuous behavior.”