Tea Party Protestors Demand Obama Impeachment Outside White House

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Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

A homemade bumper sticker is displayed on the back of a car during a Tea Party rally on Sept. 4, 2011, in Concord, New Hampshire.

Less than 100 Tea Party-affiliated protesters gathered in Lafayette Square on Tuesday to call for Obama’s impeachment, just steps from the White House where President Obama was meeting  with members of the Senate Foreign Relations committee. “We have been disserved by the so-called leaders of our country for generations,” said Larry Klayman, the chairman of Freedom Watch and leader of the Reclaim America Now Coalition. ““We are giving [Obama] one last chance to obey the will of the American people.”

The Reclaim America Now is a coalition of about 30 conservative groups, including Gun Owners of America, Accuracy in Media and Tea Party Patriots, who stand behind the idea that President Obama and many of our elected leaders are tyrannical and do not govern with their best interests at heart. Outraged over Benghazi, the allegations that the IRS targeted conservative groups, the NSA, and especially Obamacare, ralliers agreed: Obama must go. “I know a scoundrel when I see one,” said former US congressman Bob Barr, who helped lead the impeachment effort against Bill Clinton in 1998. “We have a scoundrel living in that house right here and we need to get him out.”

Barr, who will run for Congress in Georgia in 2014, also read a revised version of his 1997 inquiry of impeachment with President Obama’s infractions replacing former President Clinton’s. He later told TIME that the purpose of the event was to remind American people that they have the power to stand up to government.

Klayman described the rally as the first day of the second American Revolution. At the event, a George Washington impersonator presented the grievances of the coalition in the form of a repurposed Declaration of Independence. The demands included seeing President Obama’s birth certificate, not George Washington said, the “photocopied version,” repealing the Affordable Care Act, and allowing witnesses from Benghazi to give their accounts. Klayman said that if President Obama does not adhere to their demands by Black Friday, Nov. 29, the day that traditionally marks the beginning of the Christmas shopping season, the protestors would have no choice but to attempt to force him out of office.

There were no announcements aboutthe person best fit to replace Obama. When asked who he would rather see in his place, Larry Sherwood from Virginia who held a sign that read “Obama Lies” said he hadn’t yet considered it. “Maybe Rand Paul,” he said. “But he’s getting kind of old”