Washington State Voters Turn Down GMO Food Labels

The Evergreen State would rather not know what's in their food

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By nearly ten points, voters in Washington State rejected a ballot initiative that would have required labels on foods containing genetically-engineered ingredients.

Initiative 522 failed at the polls on Tuesday, with 54.8 percent of voters in the Evergreen State voting no and 45.2 percent in favor, according to a tally by USA Today. Had it passed, Washington would have been the first state in the nation to require labeling of genetically-modified foods.

The campaign against the initiative drew $22 million in fundraising — mostly from the¬†Grocery Manufacturers Association and agricultural sciences companies such as Dow AgroSciences and Bayer CropScience, who outspent supporters 3 to 1, according to the Associated Press. Ads from food industry groups said that the initiative would have raised food prices.

A similar initiative failed in California last year.

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