Morning Must Reads: November 5

In the News: It's Election Day! What to Watch in Virginia; the Colorado counties voting on succession; and other races across the country

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Larry Downing / REUTERS

An early voter is seen at the Fairfax County Government Center in Fairfax, Virginia.

  • It’s Election Day across the country [USA Today]
  • Newark’s New Mayor is no Cory Booker: “I don’t twit. I only walk. I don’t email. I don’t Facebook,” said Newark Mayor Luis Quintana, who was sworn in yesterday.  [New Jersey Star Ledger]
  • Colorado Counties to Decide on Succession [The Hill]
  • “The New Jersey campaign is one of the most aggressive efforts Democrats have mounted anywhere to exploit the Citizens United decision by the Supreme Court, which eradicated limits on fund-raising for outside groups. New Jersey underscores the decision’s continuing ripple effect, as legal challenges mount in the few states remaining that still limit independent expenditures.” [NYT]
  • Christie’s Reelection Romp [Politico]
  • “New York City Public Advocate Bill de Blasio is poised to become the city’s next mayor, and he may have his kids to thank for it.” [CBS News]
  • “Texas voters will go to the polls today to vote on a slew of constitutional and municipal issues, from funding water projects to granting tax breaks to aerospace companies.But a deeper question will be how voters adapt to the state’s new controversial voter ID law, which was enacted earlier this year and is seeing its first statewide test Tuesday.” [USA Today]
  • How McAuliffe Became the Frontrunner: 8 Turning Points in the Race for Virginia Governor [Washington Post]
  • GOP Civil War Rages in Alabama [The Hill]
  • Lindsey Graham: The Bipartisan Dealmaker Finds Issues to Please GOP Base [TIME]
  • “The legal push in some Republican-controlled states to restrict abortion rights suffered a setback Monday when the U.S. Supreme Court declined to hear Oklahoma’s appeal seeking to reinstate a law that effectively banned the use of abortion-inducing drugs.” [LA Times]
  • Rand Paul Faces Another Plagiarism Claim [Politico]
  • President Obama Fighting ‘One More Campaign’ for Obamacare [TIME]
  •  Young Avoid New Health Plans [WSJ]