Obama to Hecklers: “That’s the Wrong Rally!”

The president's dances with protestors and jokes about his relative (un)importance in the shadow of Red Sox baseball during the World Series

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While in Boston Wednesday delivering a speech in defense of the Affordable Care Act, President Obama was thrown a curve ball by protestors who used the opportunity to heckle him over climate change.

“Mr. President! (Inaudible)! Stop climate change! For our generation! Stop the pipeline!” the group shouted in unison.

“Okay, we’re talking about healthcare today, but we will,” Obama said. The group was met with boos as it continued to chant.

“No, no, no it’s okay,” Obama said. “That is the wrong rally!”

The president also joked about how much Bostonians love their Red Sox, who play game six in the World Series against the Cardinals tonight.