Liz Cheney And The Family Business: A Chart of All Congressional Dynasties

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During an appearance on ABC’s “This Week” on Sunday, former vice president Dick Cheney was bullish on his daughter Liz’s chances of winning the Republican Senate primary in Wyoming next summer, stating flatly that she is “going to win.”  The younger Cheney is challenging three-term senator Mike Enzi in a much-watched race that won’t be decided until August.

A poll with a sample size of one consisting of the candidate’s father is bound to have a few statistical weaknesses. Should Dick Cheney’s prophecy come true, however, his daughter will have amble company in the fraternity of lawmakers with relatives who served in past or present congresses.

According to TIME’s analysis of the Congressional Biographical Directory, which includes family relationships between past and present lawmakers, there are 37 current members who have a relative who served in Congress. Here, those lineages are arranged in a chart from newest to oldest names.

Whether Liz and Dick Cheney will join this chart a year from now will depend in part on how the Cheney name has aged in the memories of Wyomingites. As Zeke Miller wrote in the magazine when Cheney announced her bid: “While America has long held an aversion for kings, it sure loves its princes and princesses.”

Correction, Oct. 29, 2013: This chart originally left off Sen. Rand Paul and his father, former Rep. Ron Paul.