Obamacare Website Designers Point Fingers at the Government

The main contractors behing HealthCare.gov say the Obama Administration shares some of the blame for the troubled rollout

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The main contractors who designed the glitch-plagued government health care website argue that the Obama administration shares responsibility for problems with the digital rollout.

Executives at CGI Federal, the company that designed HealthCare.gov, and QSSI, which coded the system that verifies applicants’ income and other private details, are scheduled to testify Thursday before the House Energy and Commerce Committee, but they’re not waiting for their moment before Congress to try to shift the blame to the Health and Human Services Department.

Andy Slavitt, who represents QSSI’s parent company, told the Associated Press the administration made a late decision to require applicants to create accounts before browsing health plans. That process has been just one of a slew of complaints about the system. Blame game aside, Congress has been taking a hard line against the plague of glitches. Democratic Rep. Richard Nolan of Minnesota said the glitches have damaged the health care law and told the AP the president “needs to man up, find out who was responsible, and fire them.”